It is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people.

– Winston S.Churchill

Be the change you want to see. Here comes an opportunity from Yukti to give a voice to your ideas and be heard. The real power is the bureaucrat. Youth of India, it’s time to register your thought about the bureaucrats who drive the politicians.

Prize Money:

WinnerRunner Up2nd Runner Up

Rules and Regulations:

1. Two Per Team.
2. Participants must report 15 minutes prior to the time specified in the itinerary at the venue.
3. Participants are requested to carry their college ID cards (or bona-fide) , laptops and portable devices.
4. Open internet connections and charging ports would be arranged for by the organizers.
5. Strict adherence to schedule/deadline is requested for from the participants.
6. Decisions are subject to the discretion of the organizers and the jury only.
7. Any misconduct by the participants will result in immediate disqualification of the team.

Event Heads:

Ms . Priyanka Mishra 7989099701
Mr.  Sriram Sharma 9003356634