DI’ MAC- It’s now or never (Operations)

Leaders need to know how the system works to be able to make effective decisions about changing the system or adjusting its operations.
-Chris Hutchinson

Sort the plan
Set in order your ideas
Shine through execution
Standardize the performance
Sustain as an operation professional
So come, plan, initiate, execute and monitor your ideas to bag the prize you deserve!

Prize Money:

First Prize: ₹20,000
Second Prize:₹10,000
Third Prize: ₹5,000

Rules and Regulations:

1. A team should consist of two members from the same college.
2. Rules for the rounds will be shared in due course of the event
3. Participants are requested to carry their college ID cards (or bona-fide), laptop computers and portable devices.
4. Open internet connections and charging ports would be arranged for by the organizers.
5. Strict adherence to schedule/deadline is requested for from the participants.
6. Decisions are subject to the discretion of the organizers and the jury only.
7. Any misconduct by the participants will result in immediate disqualification of the team.

Event Heads:

Mr. Chandhru: +91 8344488892 chandhru@tsm.ac.in
Mr. Subhash: +91 8608611696  supersubhash4893@tsm.ac.in